English for Specific Purpose (ESP) Courses

Executive (one-to-one) ESP (10, 20 or 30 sessions/week)

Mini Group Course +10 ESP Group sessions/week - maximum 6 students *if there is only one student in one level for any particular week, sessions will be reduced to 5 one-to-one Exam Preparation sessions/week

Apart from our General English programs we also offer English for Specific Purpose courses aimed at complementing the needs of interns following work placements offered in various sectors all over the island.

Our students can also take advantage of our internship placements with job shadowing opportunities, helping them practice the language in the context of the career which they would like to follow or the profession they would like to develop. The language training programme, that comes with an internship placement, aims to develop two main areas of competence: professional communication skills and job-related language knowledge, covering the following six areas: fluency, comprehension, interactions, pronunciation, structure and vocabulary.

Our English for Specific Purpose courses include:

Aeronautical – Aviation for Flight Crew, Cabin Crew and Air-Traffic Controllers

Architecture for Architects, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen and Designers

Customer care in iGaming English for IT & Technology personnel in the i-Gaming industry: Mainly customer care officials

Customer care in General for customer care officials

Medical for Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers and other medical staff

Business English for Business People, admin staff, CCs officials etc

*Anyone wishing to take an ESP course should first take our Online Placement Test to see if they are eligible to join this course. To be eligible for the course one must realistically achieve a level of Intermediate (B1) or higher.

During our courses, whether on an internship or not, all four language skills are addressed, and our approach is practical and experiential. In order to build confidence in our learners, we encourage experimentation and reflection, helping our language learners to express themselves in the way which is most natural to them. Whilst looking forward to welcoming students who choose to take further courses with us, we also encourage them to develop study skills which will help them to continue the learning process, both inside and outside the classroom.