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From historical and cultural tours, to more exciting activities such as diving and horse riding.

I like the atmosphere at the school. The whole team is very polite, helpful, and motivating. The school is very organised so you can communicate with the staff if you need anything. The classes are small and there is also a good focus to make sure everyone is in the right group so each student can improve.

Elisabeth Aigner


I had a great time here because the studying was organised well. It’s helped me a lot for my exams and also to get a place at university. My teacher prepared me very well for the TOEFL. The lessons were intensives and Danielle answered all my questions.

Joel Basquitt


The school is located in a great place and all the teachers are really good. They have a good teaching method. I learnt a lot of daily expressions in English that I did not know and I could revise the grammar. The staff were always available to help.

Lucas Santana de Souza


What I liked most about ECS are the international classes, the relaxed environment, the open minded people and the air condition in class. I liked the way the teacher taught us and all the discussions we had in class.

Eugenia Arciero


I like the good atmosphere and kind people. I have improved my English a lot because I could learn lots of new idioms and we did a lot of listening practice in class. There are no Asians compared to other language schools, so for me it was good because I had to practise my English all the time.

Mihyang Kim

South Korea

The programme for adults is very interesting and multifaceted. The school is a good place to combine both learning a new language and getting to know other people. The whole team is very friendly and helpful, making you feel welcome.

Andrea Petermann


I liked studying English at this school because teachers require regularity. Everyday I had homework to complete and I had to learn new words, which my teacher checked. This way is very good for me. This course has helped me to improve my English by giving me the opportunity to talk with other students in English each day. This was an excellent practical experience. The friendly and family atmosphere at ECS makes the school unique. I definitely recommend this school.

Maciej Kruczynski


I like the teachers very much. It is very important that you learn good English. Also, it is interesting to meet people from different countries. Now I’m not afraid to speak, unlike before. I’m now more self-confident. After lessons you have a lot of possibilities to see the island and Malta is not so expensive. At ECS every is very friendly and you feel good learning a new language.

Anja Scholzel